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Window Parts Glossary

Clerestory Extension Pole:
A Clerestory Extension Pole is used to open and close high-mounted, operable clerestory windows.

Clerestory Window:
A Clerestory Window is any high-mounted window above eye level, with the purpose of bringing outside light, fresh air, or both into the inner space.

Screen Wire:
Screen Wire is a metal wire mesh stretched into a window frame, designed to cover the opening of a window.

Window Balance:
A Window Balance is a device used to counter balance a window so that it will remain in an open position.

Window Crank:
A Window Crank is a device with a handle that can be turned to open a window.

Window Glazing:
Window Glazing is the actual glass piece in a window frame.

Window Grille:
A Window Grille is made up of bars that divide window glass into smaller panes.

Window Hinge:
A Window Hinge is a metal piece that is attached to a window frame, allowing it to swing open and closed freely.

Window Latch:
A Window Latch is a device that is designed to hold a window closed.

Window Latch Operator:
A Window Latch Operator is a device that opens a window when a window crank is turned.

Window Lift:
A Window Lift is the handle that is used to manually lift open a window.

Window Lock:
See Window Latch.

Window Operator Adapter:
A Window Operator Adapter is used to allow a window to be opened with a Clerestory extension pole.

Window Operator Cover:
A Window Operator Cover is a metal or plastic piece that houses and protects the window operator.

Window Roller:
Window Rollers are used to allow a window to slide open and closed.

Weather Stripping:
Weather Stripping is material that is used to seal a window on all sides to prevent rain and weather from getting in and interior air from escaping.

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